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Window tinting, leveraging advanced technology in window films, provides numerous advantages. Achieving 99% UV and up to 94% IR protection is possible without resorting to the darkest tint. This leads to a significant improvement in both heat and glare reduction. Additionally, it enhances natural security and privacy, all the while safeguarding your skin and interior from the harmful effects of rays.

Protect your vehicle with the best by choosing The Werkz for the ultimate paint protection package. Our experts provide prep and paint correction services to ensure your vehicle's paint is in top condition before installation of full body PPF and ceramic coating. Our ceramic window tint installation also adds an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays.  Drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is taken care of with the highest quality installation from The Werkz package.

What We Offer:

SunTek Evolve Ceramic Tint

SunTek Evolve Ceramic Window Tint is the ultimate choice for high-performing window tinting. Protect your car's interior from damaging UV rays while reducing glare and eye fatigue. With its advanced ceramic construction, Evolve provides extreme solar-blocking performance and impressively rejects up to 94% of infrared heat without any dyes, metal or carbon. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose SunTek Evolve for your auto window tinting needs.


SunTek CXP Carbon Tint

The SunTek CXP Carbon Window Tint is a cost-effective solution that provides outstanding performance and solar rejection without sacrificing your style. Its non-metal nano-hybrid carbon construction ensures your windows stay clear and enhances your car's appearance with a non-reflective finish. Let our team of professionals install it for you and enjoy driving with maximum comfort and privacy.

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