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Paint protection film (PPF), also known as clear bra is a transparent and durable thermoplastic urethane material applied to the exterior surfaces of a vehicle to protect the paint from damage.

Installation Types: Pattern VS. Custom

The primary distinction between pre-cut kit (pattern) and custom paint protection film (PPF) installation lies in precision and customization. Pre-cut kits offer a convenient, efficient solution with exact fits for specific vehicle models, making them suitable for standard applications. However, their limitations become evident when dealing with unique vehicle shapes or highly customized features. On the other hand, custom PPF installation provides greater flexibility and customization as the film is shaped on-site to match the contours of the vehicle precisely. While this method demands a higher level of professional skill and is more time-consuming, it ensures thorough coverage, particularly beneficial for intricate designs and specialized installations. The choice between the two approaches depends on factors such as budget, time constraints, vehicle customization needs.

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Pattern (most dealerships)

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Pattern Plus (standard)

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Custom (edgeless)

This installation method is a standard kit without any modifications and does not extend around edges. It represents the most cost-effective option, providing work that resembles dealership standards.

Our standard installation involves modifying each kit to wrap around edges without the need for disassembly. This installation type stands as the preferred choice for the majority of our clients. As you can see in the photo, dirt can build up and become noticeable on light colored vehicles over time. 

This installation method involves significant modifications to extend the entire outer edge of the film, allowing us to tailor it uniquely for each vehicle. We also disassemble and remove any trim and badges as needed to achieve a seamless and edgeless finish. This approach is particularly recommended for white or lighter-colored vehicles, or for those seeking the cleanest installation possible.

What We Offer:


The STEK DYNOshield is the ultimate solution for keeping your vehicle looking its best. It is a premium self-healing top-coated Paint Protection Film that provides strong protection against rock chips and scratches. DYNOShield's proprietary nano-ceramic infused top coat is bonded to the film as a liquid providing extreme hydrophobic properties and phenomenal optical clarity. This film is virtually invisible over factory gloss paints, giving your vehicle a clean and seamless look. With UV resistant and anti-yellowing adhesives, your vehicle's paint will remain in top condition. It comes with a 10 year warranty, making it a great investment for long-term protection.

nano-ceramic infused top coat



STEK DYNOmatte is the best choice for preserving your vehicle's original paint and keeping it looking stylish. With superior protection against rock chips and scratches, DYNOmatte is designed to keep your paint looking great for years to come. With its unique, smooth matte finish that offers a lightly more sheen than other alternatives, STEK DYNOmatte is a perfect match for many factory frosts, frozen, and matte paints. Get the ultimate paint protection and style with STEK DYNOmatte.


STEK Fashion Film

STEK Fashion Film is the go-to choice for those looking to change the color and vibe of their vehicle without going through the hassle of a complete paint job. This paint protection film offers a durable shield against rock chips and scratches with self-healing propteries. STEK Fashion Film comes in a large variety of colored and patterned films to allow you to customize the look of your vehicle. The film is derived from true automotive grade paints, ensuring an extremely high-quality finish. With a 10-year warranty, you can be sure that your vehicles finish is well-protected.

Protect your vehicle with the best by choosing The Werkz for the ultimate paint protection package. Our experts provide prep and paint correction services to ensure your vehicle's paint is in top condition before installation of full body PPF and ceramic coating. Our ceramic window tint installation also adds an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays.  Drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is taken care of with the highest quality installation from The Werkz package.

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