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Protect your vehicle with the best by choosing The Werkz for the ultimate paint protection package. Our experts provide prep and paint correction services to ensure your vehicle's paint is in top condition before installation of full body PPF and ceramic coating. Our ceramic window tint installation also adds an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays.  Drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is taken care of with the highest quality installation with The Werkz package.


Bubble Bath and Clay Bar

The initial step in caring for your vehicle involves a refreshing bubble bath, decontamination, followed by a thorough clay bar treatment. This step will remove any unwanted fallout on your paint's surface to prepare for the next process.

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Paint correction prep is crucial for enhancing and protecting your car's exterior by ensuring a smooth, flawless surface before applying protective measures.


A custom edgeless PPF installation is a meticulous process where the film is precisely fitted to the contours of the vehicle without visible seams or edges. This technique ensures a seamless and nearly invisible protective layer, providing comprehensive coverage without compromising the aesthetics of the car's finish. The custom edgeless installation requires skilled craftsmanship to achieve a flawless, edge-to-edge application, enhancing both the protection and the visual appeal of the vehicle.

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Once the PPF is installed on the vehicle, we take the protection and enhancement a step further by applying a ceramic coating to the entire exterior. This involves treating the film, paint, glass, trim, and wheels. Additionally, we include our "wheels off" package to coat the inner barrels and calipers as well.


Lastly, we elevate your vehicle's experience by applying the finest ceramic tint available on the market. Utilizing the highest grade of UV and IR film, we ensure all windows, including the windshield, receive top-notch protection and performance.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind Protection

Finally, relish the assurance of thorough protection once all the vehicle safeguarding services have been completed. Now, you can fully enjoy your vehicle without the concern of stone chips, swirls, or scratches. Your vehicle will be easier to keep clean and maintain, and your interior will remain cool without the worry of UV or infrared damage to your skin or interior.

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